Morrell Sheet Metal, Tampa, Fla.

Architect: Cooper Johnson Smith, Tampa, Fla.

With a variety of intersecting hips, the 10,800-square-foot roof on the Eaton residence provided the craftsmen of Morrell Sheet Metal with several challenges to test their skills.

The $184,000 project required Morrell Sheet Metal to fabricate and install a double-lock standing seam roof using16-ounce lead coated copper. The steep roof transitions, ranging from 8-½ to 4-½ pitch, added more complexity to both the composition and the project. Punctuated by numerous triangular and half-round dormer windows, the home also features three pyramidal chimney caps. The gable windows were custom fabricated by the Morrell crew who tackled the difficult task of soldering the flashing on the dormers. In addition, the roof flares out at the eve with continuous gutters on the entire perimeter.

The 21-inch-by-1-inch copper panels were installed over ice and water shield dry-in. The panels and flashing were fabricated at the Morrell shop, however, various rooms of the home as well as porches became temporary metal shops for the final fabrication of the more intricate custom pieces.

Requiring four months to complete, the owner, architect, general contractor and Morrell Sheet Metal worked closely together in both the design and construction process. “The team approach resulted in top-quality detailing and a beautiful, permanent roof that will last for generations,” said Rodney Ondrus, of Morrell Sheet Metal.