General Mechanical Inc., Anchorage, Alaska

Architect: Mark Ivy, Anchorage, Alaska
Nestled in the woods overlooking a wildlife refuge, this Alaska residence steals attention away from the breathtaking view.

The 7,000-square-foot home is topped by a 12,000-square-foot copper roof of custom-designed shingles. Each 16-ounce copper shingle was hand-fabricated in the General Mechanical shop and transported to the jobsite.

The crew spent six months shingling the roof. “The variety of steep 8/12 pitches created a unique jobsite situation for the crew,” explained Don Burns, president/owner. “We designed a rigging system to keep the workers safe and protect the shingles during installation. Thick padding to protect the copper was secured to ladders. Then scaffolding boards were attached with brackets across the two ladders. Each worker was tied off and could sit or kneel against the board while they installed the shingles.”

“This was a very rewarding project, however we were, at times, distracted by the wildlife and scenery around us.”