Santa Clara University Library, Santa Clara, Calif.

Architect: Pfeiffer Partners, Los Angeles, Calif.
Sheet Metal Contractor: United Mechanical Inc., San Jose, Calif.

United Mechanical Inc. (UMI) of San Jose, Calif., recently completed a $1.3 million project in which it built and installed a copper roof, complete with soffit and fascia, for the new Santa Clara University Library in Santa Clara, Calif.

The expansive roof, consisting of five parallel sloping sections, is a key feature of the stunning contemporary design for the140,000 square-foot four-story building.

UMI worked with the architect and the general contractor over two years to meet the goal of constructing a high quality, long-lasting roof for the library, which was dedicated in March.

The end result was the installation of more than 25,000 square feet of mechanically seamed 16-ounce copper roof over self-adhered sheet member underlayment. The contractor installed approximately 1,200 square feet of 16-ounce copper fascia. Work also entailed the fabrication and installation of approximately 7,000 square feet of soffit panels at the roof overhangs.