Harpring Inc., Louisville, Ky.

Complimentary trolley car service provides residents and visitors to Louisville an easy way to get around the city as well as a place to seek shelter.

Unfortunately, run-ins with street traffic had completely destroyed many of the trolley stops. Louisville’s Transit Authority of River City (TARC) turned to the craftsmen at Harpring Inc. to fabricate and install several replacement trolley car stations in October 2002. This time, the new canopies are designed to break away from the base to allow easier replacement should future accidents occur. The structures were also moved farther back from the curb for added protection.

Constructed from aluminum pipe and tubing with an opaque glass roof, the structures are reminiscent of Victorian style buildings. “The new stops are an attractive addition to downtown as well as a great place to get out of the rain,” commented Mike Harpring, president.

“Our crew used computerized layout, CNC controlled machinery, state-of-the-art aluminum welding and electrostatic painting equipment to fabricate the structures in the shop,” explained Mr. Harpring. “The entire stand was fabricated as one assembly and erected in less than a day.”

Plans are in the works to expand the trolley system to other areas of downtown Louisville.